Discount Tire, Snowtires (?)

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Discount Tire, Snowtires (?)

Postby andysbeef » Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:09 am

If your shopping for snow tires.....BEWARE! If you go to Discount Tire (add on TV) they will try to sell you Hankook, or something like that off-the-wall-name, that are obvious FRONT wheel drive only. Yeah, they have openings for studs but the tread is a very plain looking regular 'city' tire. For rear wheel drive THEY WON'T WORK! Go to other places. I wound up with 'Snowtrackers', made in Canada where you would expect snow tires to come from. Very aggressive cleats made for rear wheel drive vehicles with MANY sizes available. Not like 'Hankook, or whatever, that only come in a few sizes. The salesman told me "they only make them once a year so you have to take what you can get". He also told me that the Hankook tire "is made of a special compound that gets softer the colder it gets". Yeah, like it defies the laws of physics. The people at Hankook are very bright people don't ya know. I didn't look but it wouldn't surprise me if they were made in China.
In summary, there are still the traditional looking snow tires out there for rear wheel drive vehicles, so don't get scammed by Discount Tire.
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